One day in the ancient Russia


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  •  English-speaking guide
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Bus excursion around the Velikij Novgorod (sightseeing tour). The oldest city in Russia, the cradle of Russian democracy, the medieval centre of trade and crafts, the leading partner of the Hanseatic League of 12th – 17th cc., the link between medieval Europe and Russia and the borderline between two civilizations. The Novgorod Kremlin, or Detinets, as it was called in Novgorod in old times, is the most ancient out of the preserved Kremlins in Russia (it is first mentioned in the chronicle of 1044). It was founded by Prince Yaroslav. Today the Kremlin is the cultural and tourist centre. The main expositions of the Novgorod State United Museum are displayed here. Restoration workshopsthe librarythe philharmoniccollege of artsart and music schools are located in this place. The ensemble of the Kremlin buildings is original and picturesque. Due to these things your walk across the Kremlin will be nice and exciting. The highest tower in the Kremlin is The Kokuy Tower. The magnificent church (Cathedral of St. Sophia the Wisdom of God, 1045-1050), consecrated to St. Sophia the Wisdom of God, was built by prince Yaroslav the Wise, his son Vladimir and bishop Luka as a city church. In the southern gallery eminent novgorodians are buried: princes, bishops and governors, Faceted Archbishop Chamber, The Millenium of Russia monument, Church of St. Andrew Stratilates etc. The road, passing across the Kremlin, leads to the bridge that connects Sophia and Trade sides as in the old times. 


One of the main sights is St. George Monastery, 12th century. The legend has it that St. George monastery was founded in 1030 by Prince Yaroslav the Wise. The other sight is open-air Museum of Wooden Architecture "Vitoslavlitsy". Located on the banks of Lake Myachino and the VolkhovRiver, at St. George Monastery there is an open-air museum of wooden architecture Vitoslavlitsy.  This is one of the most picturesque places in the Novgorod region. Izbas (village houses), chapels and churches form streets like those in old Russian villages.

Transfer to Saint-Petersburg. End of the tour