Saint-Petersburg – Petrograd – the city of 3 revolutions.


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Hotel 4*   ½ DBL 

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  •  Accommodation at the hotel 4* ( 3 nights) 
  •  Breakfasts, lunches, dinners
  •  Museum entrance fees
  •  English-speaking guide
  •  Transport


1 day

Arrival in Saint-Petersburg. Meeting at the airport / railway station.


Excursion  around St.Petersburg center on a bus (City sightseeing tour): you will see the Peter and Paul Fortress – the first fortification on the Neva River banks, which was a prison in tsarist time. In the centre of it there is a Cathedral, where members of the imperial family and their relatives were buried beginning from Peter the Great.

The Spit of St. Basil’s Island: Navy museum, Rostral columns, Academy of Sciences, Kunstcamer – the museum of Curiosities, created  by Peter 1, State University, Menshikov Palace – belonged to  the first general governor of St. Petersburg, close friend of Peter the Great, the Academy of Fine Arts.

Palace Square in the centre of which there is Alexander’s column,  the Hermitage museum, one of its building is the Winter Palace,  Arch of the General Staff.

Also you will see the Admiralty, Decembrists’ Square, in the middle of it there is a monument to Peter the Great the Bronze Horseman, St.Isaac’s Cathedral.

Now we are in the main street of the city Nevsky prospect, the Cathedral of Our Mother of Kazan, Cathedral on the Spilled Blood, cruiser Aurora, the Summer Garden the first regular Park of St. Petersburg, founded by Peter I.  Summer Palace of Peter the 1, Smolny Cathedral and Smolny Institute, Russia's first educational establishment for women, where now is located the city government.

We will see the rivers, canals and draw bridges of our city.


Excursion around the Lenin’s places with visiting: Historical and Memorial Museum Smolny (in 1917 there lived and worked V.I.Lenin for 4 months), the square of Proletarian Dictatorship, the monument to Dzerginsky, the Kazan Cathedral.

Supper. Transfer to the hotel.

2 day

Breakfast at the hotel. Meeting the guide.

Excursion with visiting the Taurida Palace (Start of construction was in 1783. At the south of Shpalernaya Street was not just a palace, but a country estate of governor-general and Prince G. A. Potemkin. In 1917 this Palace was a political center of the country. After the February Revolution in the right fender of this palace the Temporary Committee of the State Duma had been located. Later it became the Temporary Government. In the left fender of this Palace The Petrograd Soviet of Workers’ and Soldiers’ Deputies was located. After 1918 there was conferences of the Bolshevik party.

  Excursion with visiting the museum of Political history of Russia: it is situated in the historical center of the city in 2 palaces, which were built in the beginning of the 20 century. One of them was the house of prima-ballerina of Mariinsky theatre – Matilda Kshesinskaya (The architect is A.I. Gogen). In 1917 there was located the Bolshevik party. There appeared Lenin, Stalin, Zinoviev, Sverdlov etc.

Another palace was built in 1909 for V.E. Brandt (a baron and a lumberman). This building is also the historical and architectural monument.


Excursion around the Palace square (there was one of the important event of the October revolution – assault of the Winter Palace). Visiting the State Hermitage museum.

Transfer to the hotel.

 3 day

Breakfast at the hotel. Meeting the guide.

Country bus excursion to the Petergof with visiting the Peterhof Grand Palace, The Marly Palace, The Mon Plaisir Palace and walk in the Fountains Park (only summer). Peterhof, rightfully called "Russian Versailles" was the main summer residence of Tsars.  You will see the Grand Palace built in Baroque style and so famous Park ensemble with its 150 fountains decorated with splendid gilded statues, as well as the amazing “play of water” which will surprise you during your promenade.

Excursion to the Kronstadt (information about the revolution of 1905 and Kronstadt rebellion of 1921).

Excursion to the Naval Cathedral of Saint-Petersburg. The cathedral was built to commemorate perished sailors. The Naval Cathedral is more than 100 years.

Transfer to the hotel.

 4 day

Breakfast at the hotel. Checking out of the hotel at 12:00. Transfer to the railway station or the airport.