One day in Kronstadt


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Bus excursion to Kronstadt. This small town is located only 300 km far from Saint-Petersburg and its fame resounded since its foundation up to nowadays. Peter the Great founded this town – fortress - port in 1704 for the protection of Saint-Petersburg against enemies from the Baltic Sea side as during this period the Great Northern War was running. 

One of the most memorable places in Kronshtadt is Anchors square (Jakornaja square). It's name appeared  in the XVIII century when the place was the depository of anchors and chains for ships. Anchors square ensemble includes a monument to the Great Russian naval commander - S. Makarov, which was established in July 1913. Besides, on the territory of Anchors square there are memorials to Revolution and Civil war victims and to Defenders of Kronstadt and Leningrad in the Second World War. On this square  you will visit The Naval Cathedral of Saint Nicholas. At the end of the 19 century, it was decided to build the Naval Cathedral to memorize sailors perished at the Russian fleet. It was ceremonially consecrated in the name of Saint Nicholas on the 10th of June 1913. The Makarovsky Bridge was constructed to the opening of the Naval Cathedral. It is erected over the Petrovsky ravine which is one of the components of Peter the Great's dock built in 1752.

The other Sightseeing of this city is "Summer Garden". Nowadays several monuments to the courageous Russian sailors are placed inside. The most remarkable place of the park is a monument by T.Zhak to Peter the Great, the founder of Kronshtadt, installed in 1841.

One of the main sights is Kronshtadt water gauge rod. Absolute altitude of Earth surface, sea depth on navigation and topographic maps, space altitude are measured according to the Kronshtadt "null" level of water gauge rod.

At the end of the trip you will visit The History Kronshtadt Museum, which was founded in July, 1991. Nowadays the museum funds counts about 8 thousand items belonging to 18-20 centuries. They comprise a lot of interesting exhibits: the fort "Kronshlot" model, a piece of thefirst in Russia and in Kronshtadt water-pipe system and numerous photos, documents and antique household objects. An interactive Blockade Room is presented in the museum, too.


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