One day in Pushkinskiye Gory



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Arrival to Pushkinskiye Gory. Excursion around The State museum-reserve of Alexander Pushkin «Mikhailovskoye» - is a unique monument of Russian culture of national significance. In Russian history Mikhailovskoye, Trigorskoye, Petrovskoye, Pushkinskie Gory (or Holy Hills) are well known as the memorial Pushkin’s places, connected with life and creative activity of the poet.


Visiting Svyatogorsky Monastery of the Holy Assumption - it became the poet’s last resting place. On 6 (18) February, 1837 after a requiem service in the south chapel of the Assumption Cathedral conducted by Archimandrite Gennady, the poet was buried by the apse wall in the presence of A.I.Turgenev,Nikita Kozlov and two ladies from Trigorskoye, Yekaterina and Maria Osipova. Four years later a memorial monument commissioned by Pushkin’s widow and trustees and executed by A.M. Permagorov, St Petersburg master of monumental works was erected on the poet’s grave. It bears the inscription: “Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin born in Moscow 26 May, 1799, died in St Petersburg 29 January, 1837”. We will see this grave.

Transfer to St.Petersburg.